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SABWA 2014 Spring Show at Pawley's Island is in the history books!

We had 51 attendees!

Friday Afternoon Bob Hirst started the education portion of the session with the presentation of some of the new rules under the heading of Food Safety and Modernization Act (FSMA).

The evening activities included the SABWA vendor tabletop trade show and the 'All You Can Eat' heavy hors devours tables.

Winners of the door prizes were:

Olivia Carsen of Hickory Springs Water LLC - $100.00

Crystal Belcher of Quality Water and Coffee - $25.00

Yolanda Greenwood of Country Clear - $25.00

Jim Belcher of Quality Water and Coffee - $25.00

Glenn Turnage of NC Bottled Water - $25.00 

Saturday Morning Golf teed off at 7am.

The winners with the lowest overall score were:

Jeff Thompson of DS Services - donated his winnings back to SABWA

Jeff McMillian of DS Services - donated his winnings back to SABWA

Happy New Year 2014 to Members and Perspective Members,


I wanted to take a moment to thank each one of you for supporting the South Atlantic Bottled Water Association over the past several years.  For some of you, this should read over the past several decades and for you, a special Thank you is in order.   SABWA is a financially sound not for profit organization.  We are here solely to educate and move forward the Bottled Water Industry in the SABWA Region.  There are other Bottled Water organizations out there who have paid operations personnel to run the program.  SABWA’s board and its members have continually requested we remain a not for profit organization to keep the cost of membership low.  What this means is the Board and all those who surround the board are all volunteers.  We have past Presidents, board members and Peggy Smith all chipping in to support you the members.

There will be no annual dues cost increase this year!  SABWA believes we are okay and can support the same or better quality programming into 2014 as we had in 2013.  With this being said and your sigh of relief, as everything else around you goes up, WE ARE GOING BACK TO PAWLEYS ISLAND!  Your board looked at logistics, attendance, costs and amenities and it was unanimous.


Hold the date of March 27-29 open (last weekend in March).

Please see the calendar under News and Events


2014 is filled with some of the same challenges and a few new ones;

·         The EPA has changed what they are calling an Energy Star Cooler.  You will need to know the difference to stay out of trouble.  You can continue to use the old Energy Star qualified coolers but you may have to remove the sticker.

·         The FDA is still ramping up the FSMA Food Safety Modernization Act.  We have Bob Hirst of the IBWA booked to give us all the details

·         Our legislative leaders are still battling about BPA and will be until the horse is just dead again.  One large retailer has announced they no longer want Polycarb bottles in their stores.

·         Your local State legislative leaders last year introduced labeling, ground water, recycling and bottle tax bills into your home state.  Expect more of the same for 2014. 

You will notice on the dues form for 2014 an additional line.  This is to make a voluntary contribution to Governmental Affairs.  This line is completely volunteer but I urge you to consider the work going on behind the scene and your need for support.

As a forward note and place holder in your 2014 planning, a few members have requested we bring back the Fall education day.  Your SABWA board has discussed this on a conference call and consulted with a few members requesting the Education Day.  It will be held at a centrally located convenient location for those bottler members wanting CEU’s.  The cost of the Ed Day will be shared among the participating members and will be bare bones only.  No cost to the general members will be allocated.  The location is still being worked out but it will be in and or along the I-77 corridor for those participating and possibly the weekend after Labor Day.


On behalf of the Board of Directors of SABWA, I look forward to seeing you all at Pawley’s Island 2014



Gene Belcher

President SABWA


Several SABWA members Stormed Capital Hill in June


They met with Senate and House members and thier staff to discuss various topics and views regarding them, including:


    Consumer Confidence and Water Quality Information

            Our view: We Support the passage of the Bottled Water Quality Disclosure Act of 2013

      Energy Star Water Cooler Specifications

Our view: We support legislation that will Create a graduated Energy Star Certification Standard

     Bisphenal A (BPA)

           Our view:  We want to see continued testing by the FDA to ensure it's continued safety

     Food Safety and FDA Funding

Our view:  We oppose user and/or registration fees, but want continued funding to the FDA for testing